I was born in Scotia, California, a small lumber company town in Northern California, into a family of rancher, lumberjacks, musicians, schoolteachers.

Growing up on a dairy ranch bordered on the East by the Northern Pacific Railroad tracks and on the West by the Eel River, in a tiny community named Larabee, I learned from my parents the skills and tenacity required of back-wood survival, ranch life, a life of physical, applied philosophy. Storms, floods and long, hot summer days defined and formed my early childhood.

From earliest memory I was an artist. While my family was not sure what to make of this, they did support my journey towards what they considered an uncertain future.I studied painting, ceramics and photography at California State University, Humboldt; fiber arts and art education at Western State College, Monmouth, Oregon, from which I graduated with a BA in Art and Art Education.

The early influences of nature’s power, endless quiet summer days near the Eel River, my love of reading and drawing are reflected in my work. The solid foundational square is a starting point of the work. Often the square is reminiscent of pioneer quilting, at other points it is spiritual in nature, offering a meditation as focal point. Recent developments include collage, printing with antique linens and botanical materials. I work in acrylic, occasionally making a foray into oil painting.

The work changes.

Time and timelessness speak through the paintings, echoing this world of instant and phenomenal change.